Image of AN/SRC-40 The AN/SRC-40 w/FC 4 is designed to function as a single-channel Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitter. As a unit of the Aircraft Inertial Alignment System (AIAS), the AN/SRC-40 w/FC 4 interfaces with the Inertial Navigation System (INS). It provides Ultra High Frequency/Frequency Shift Keying (UHF/FSK) transmission of primary (alignment) data to aircraft. The primary transmission provides alignment data to slave align the aircraft’s INS to the Ring Laser Gyro Navigator (RLGN) INS. The AN/SRC-40 w/FC 4 has the capability to interface with the AN/SSQ-82(V) Multiplex Unit for Transmission Elimination (MUTE) System.

The AN/SRC-40 w/ FC 4 has been redesigned to address/correct problems and is a functional replacement for the legacy radio set currently used in the fleet.

The new design is lightweight, requires approximately one-fifth the power used by the legacy unit, and has a menu-driven display for an enhanced user interface. It also has a battery backup and is self-diagnostic upon power-up. The AN/SRC-40 w/FC 4 uses Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS), the latest technology to achieve a = -65 dbm noise floor/harmonic level. It can be used as a transmitter or remote and is a redundant system to minimize down time.