Digital Hybrid Speed Log (DHYSL)

The AN/WSN-9 DHYSL is based on core AN/WSN-8A Digital Electro-Magnetic Log (DEML) system. It incorporates electro-magnetic and Doppler sensor technology. The DHYSL features analog and digital outputs with input/output expansion capabilities, five operational modes, and high accuracy. It was designed to comply with military environmental specifications and is a government-owned design.

The AN/WSN-9 DHYSL has several operational performance benefits such as the ability to be used in polar and clear water operations and littoral operations, speed through water and speed over ground. The DHYSL system accuracy far surpasses NAVCERT requirements on surface and subsurface platforms, three axial velocities, auto calibration, and reduced calibration times. Scalable sensor architecture is electro-magnetic, Doppler or both, scalable to two electro-magnetic and two Doppler speed sensors within a single system. Configurable sensor architecture features modular sensor front end electronics which allow for interfacing to electro-magnetic rodmeters, fixed probes, shark fin, flush mount, and Doppler sensors. A modular software design allows incorporation of new interfaces.

Other benefits of the DHYSL include commonality across the entire fleet (surface, subsurface, non-combatants, support vessels and proven technology (DEML – 100 installations).

Significant cost reductions with the DHYSL include: lower system cost, training cost reduction (schools, curriculum), reduction in supply costs, fleet support cost reduction, reduction in calibration times leading to a reduction in fuel costs, required man hours, and impact to fleet schedules.