Documentation and Training

Our documentation and training specialists meet our customers’ evolving requirements to share and communicate knowledge. As part of a systems engineering team or on discipline-specific projects, we understand the importance of enabling the end user with clear, concise procedures throughout the life cycle of a product.

The documentation team consists of technical writers, graphics artists, drafters, and word processors who work with subject matter experts to develop, validate, review, and edit technical documentation. Using best practices and standards, style guides and stylesheets, we produce paper and electronic technical manuals using MS Word, SGML, XML, and HTML. We also develop new data and convert legacy data into formats compatible with content management systems to facilitate data reuse or repurposing.

Our training team of instructional systems designers, instructors, and computer-based training specialists work hand-in-hand with our documentation team to ensure knowledge transfer is current and accurate. Our front-end analysis of training requirements often saves the customer time and funding by identifying the most effective delivery method.

To support our clients, we offer a team of program assistants, highly skilled in MS Office products, who are eager to assist in our customers’ success by providing documentation and administrative support at the customer’s location or from our office. Products and services include white papers, briefings, presentations, and conference logistics.