Electronic Charting

WRSystems has extensive experience in developing electronic charting systems and their associated navigation sensor interfaces. We are extremely knowledgeable of all functions of navigation, especially electronic charting, mature gyrocompasses and inertial navigation systems, as well as emerging systems and equipment that make-up the Navy’s and commercial navigation suite of the future.

In addition to our experiences with 2D electronic charting, we have also developed a 3D electronic charting engine that is able to seamlessly display both terrain and bathymetric data. Our staff is widely acknowledged for their technical expertise and ability to design and implement effective interfaces to navigation systems.

WRSystems is a member of a team that designs and develops electronic charting products for the U.S. Navy. During the initial phase of developing a 3D rendering engine, we assessed Digital Nautical Chart (DNC) data tools for conversion and portrayal in portable 3D environments. Existing 2D nautical navigation tools such as EAI World Toolkit and MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) were assessed and selectively used for rapid prototyping. The conversion of integrated 2D/3D representation of critical digital nautical data was explored, including ocean bottom depth as well as navigational aids such as the horizon, buoys, and lighthouses. The project made use of advanced 3D rendering tools to allow a linked, real-time 3D portrayal of realistic nautical environments and navigational aids using sensory cues such as shape, color, shading, texture, transparency, and animation. Portrayal of navigational information included ship physical representation, orientation, and route. The 3D environment has the ability for interactive changing of user viewpoint and orientation.