Engineering & Science

As a Systems Engineering firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers. We take the time to understand our customer’s requirements, ensuring we exceed expectations wherever possible. Since we specialize in the design and development of highly reliable and critical systems, our engineering professionals are accustomed to rigorous and complex design approaches. Our teams are made up of motivated and enthused experts who are guided by our certified Quality Management System to achieve expected and repeatable results on- time and within budget. The Engineering and Science team is made up of Computer Scientists, Computer Engineers, Mathematicians, Industrial Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Mechanical Engineers/Designers.

Picture of an equipmentOur Computer Scientists and Engineers possess extensive programming and analytical competencies from designing and developing statistical databases and information systems to complex real-time and embedded solutions for our customers. We can contribute to an existing design and development team or we can produce the product in-house. We take a systematic approach that validates the initial requirements to the requirements while maintaining a disciplined development and configuration management process.

Our Mechanical Engineers and Designers use both 2D and 3D drafting, design, and modeling tools to successfully translate customer objectives into producible products. Once a design has been completed, our knowledge of the fabrication process and our experience and history with manufacturing vendors allow us to balance cost and schedule, as well as the quality requirements of the design to select the best vendor for the job. Once the product has been manufactured, our team can assist in the acceptance of the final product by performing quality checks to assure that the delivered product meets its intended specifications.

Picture of a computer and a pair of hands solderingOur Electrical Engineers are capable of designing, documenting, modifying, and maintaining electrical circuits and wiring. Our expertise includes analog and digital circuitry, designing electrical Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), developing power supplies, programming, integrating, and supporting Field-programming gate arrays, signal processing, wiring harnesses and everything in between. Whether the end product be a navigation sensor, unmanned vehicle, tactical computer, emissions monitoring system, or a new product design, our team of electrical engineers will ensure that the final design consists of a highly-reliable and supportable electrical subsystem capable of exceeding its intended requirements.

Systems Engineers are the nucleus that brings engineering and supporting disciplines together to support the product requirements. Guided by our design and development processes our Systems Engineers take a holistic view of the System to perform Requirements Analysis, Risk Management, System Design and Development, Test, Evaluation, Repair, Integration, Production, Logistics, Documentation and Training. It is this multi-disciplinary approach to System Engineering that ensures the concepts are accurately translated into a supportable product.

Whether we are tasked to analyze system requirements, develop a new product from scratch, ensure that a design in producible, or provide support to a fielded product, our team of experienced engineers is able deliver value-added product and services to meet your requirements.