Hand Held Digital Data Test Set (HHDDTS)

Hand Held Digital Data Test SetThe TS-3543 A/U – Hand Held Digital Data Test Set (HHDDTS) is a portable, lightweight, hand-held, computer-controlled test set that replaces the TS-3543/U Digital Data Test Set (DDTS). It is designed to test and monitor alignment and waypoint data. This system provides a GOOD/BAD indication of data adequacy and displays real-time navigation data. The TS-3543 A/U HHDDTS evaluates Aircraft Inertial Alignment System (AIAS) hardwired cable input data from Alignment Outlet Boxes (AOBs). It is battery-powered by a rechargeable +6 Volts Direct Current (VDC) internal battery and has a 4-row, 20-character display, and 16-key keypad to provide the display and operate the controls. Display is menu-drive to provide enhanced user interface. The TS-3543 A/U HHDDTS can receive transmitted Ultra High Frequency/Frequency Shift Keying (UHF/FSK) Radio Frequency (RF) data from the AN/SRC-40 w/FC 4 Radio Set, Digital Data Transmitter Terminal (DDTT), by means of a built-in receiver, or hard-wired Serial Alignment data from an Alignment Outlet Box (AOB) via a cable connector.