MK 6 Mod 5 Digital Dead Reckoning Tracer

Image of the DDRT The MK 6 Mod 5/5A/5B Digital Dead Reckoning Tracer (DDRT) serves as a component of the Conventional Navigation system used aboard U.S. Navy surface ships and submarines. The DDRT graphically records Own Ship Dead Reckoning tracks, computes and displays Own Ship Position (OSP) through digital displays for Latitude and Longitude. The DDRT is also used to plot contact relative to OSP. The MK 6 Mod 5 DDRT is a micro-processor-based system that utilizes a standard electronic module architecture. The MK 6 Mod 5 DDRT improves reliability, simplifies maintenance and overcomes equipment obsolescence. It provides a resolution of 1/525 inch and 1/180 inch on lead and cross screws, respectively. The MK 6 Mod 5A/B DDRT eliminates the Dead Reckoning Analyzer, Dead Reckoning Analyzer Indicator and DC power requirements. The MK 6 Mod 5 DDRT utilizes a digital interface for MIL-STD-1397 Type A NTDS Interface.