Module Test and Repair Laboratory Facilities (MTR)

The seasoned technicians in our Module, Test and Repair (MTR) Lab can provide this expertise along with performance testing on finalized units and quality assurance checkouts.

Our modern, well-equipped laboratory incorporates an extensive range of test and repair equipment including Surface Mount Device (SMD) solder stations, Huntron Protrack I, Cirrus cable testers, and Pinpoint II.

On-site technicians have removal and replacement expertise from traditional Through the Board to Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), Small Outline Transistor (SOT), and Surface Mount Devices (SMD) with package sizes as small as 0201.

We also offer reengineering of circuit cards for those customers who need schematics of obsolete or legacy CCAs that cannot be obtained from the original equipment manufacturer.

All work is tracked, recorded and managed using internal databases where we can assess trend information to mitigate repeat failures and to improve reliability.