Paperless Solutions

Our Paperless Solutions support government and industry “Go Green!” initiatives providing the ability to manage the digitization of classified and sensitive records.

The following Paperless Solutions are offered by our Document Services Specialist team:

Document Conversion – Conversion of paper files to electronic media to include medical records, criminal and civil court case files, classified briefs, library content, research materials, user manuals, system drawings/schematics, and mandated archival records.
FOIA Support Services – Provision of cleared personnel to manage and perform redaction services to ensure classified and sensitive data are protected from disclosure; provide recommendations regarding the disclosure or nondisclosure of highly sensitive documents responsive to FOIA requests; and ensure transparency to appropriate public records.
Redaction Support Services – Back file and day forward redaction solutions for high volume redaction projects necessary to meet federal (i.e. FOIA, Privacy Act, HIPAA), state, and local statutory mandates.
Calendaring Solutions – Conversion of paper docket or calendaring system to an automated, efficient, and user-friendly system. WRSystems utilizes commercial off the shelf software that meets the specific needs of the judicial and law enforcement community with regard to case and hearing data.
Benefits of our Paperless Solutions:

Increase response time to customers
Real time accessibility and delivery of documents
Protection of personally identifiable information
Increase cost savings from paper, printers, copiers, fax machines, ink and toner cartridges
Increase real estate space by eliminating bulky filing cabinets and storage areas
Maximize office efficiency and productivity
Secure backup of all documents
Environmentally friendly.
Our standard operating procedures incorporate the necessary steps to maintain chain of custody. WRSystems employs CMMI-DEV® ML3 and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality system management and development processes to ensure up to 100% quality control when converting mission-critical paper files to digital records.

WRSystems specializes in high volume scanning of classified and sensitive records for the medical, financial, judicial and law enforcement communities and the government sector.

With the advent of the protection for personally identifiable information (PII), WRSystems aids Federal agencies, Law Enforcement, Clerks, Recorders, as well as medical, financial, and transportation communities in safeguarding sensitive information such as social security numbers, birth dates, minor children names, financial account numbers and other PII fields as defined by the customer and/or its mandated code provisions.

Both Federal and State courts maximize business process efficiency when converting paper dockets and calendars to a digital calendaring solution. WRSystems provides turnkey digital calendaring solutions that specifically pertain to the process of scheduling a hearing or court event for a judge, courtroom, or court calendar. Our solutions effectively manage the most strenuous dockets for criminal, civil, general, traffic and juvenile courts at the State or Federal level. Calendar setup, event searches, and reporting are easy and user friendly. Further, public access to calendar information via your website enhances public access while maximizing staff productivity.