Program Management

WRSystems’ management, employees, and team members are dedicated to the continued success of our customers’ programs. We offer project management, budget and technical experts whose knowledge and skill run the full spectrum of operational, administrative and technical fields. WRSystems’ Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015-registered for consistency and professionalism in sustained engineering services quality processes, program management processes, systems support and networking processes, and administrative processes.

WRSystems has developed significant breadth and depth in the Program Management discipline. Our program expertise covers both Federal and Non-Federal business lines. Many of our program and project managers are actively pursuing PMP certification by PMI and quite a few of our assigned Program and Project Managers work on site with their Customers. Our company has a low turnover rate and we execute programs with low contract churn.

We work with our clients to develop a clear understanding of their requirements and desired outcomes, and develop measurable courses of actions to meet those requirements. Our pledge is to meet any and all customer requirements on time and within budget in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Our Program and Project Managers carefully monitor financial responsibility for the customer and WRSystems, resulting in continued project and program success. Because we trust our frontline managers, wide operational latitude is granted at the lowest levels to assure organizational agility and responsiveness to the Customer.

We strongly believe the success of program management and support activities is based on effective communications and clear understanding of the requirements. We develop committed and continuous communications channels with all stakeholders in the planning of requirements for budgeting and execution of responsibilities. Through feedback from discussions and defined interim checks, we ensure requirements are understood and received correctly, plans are based on intent of the requirements, and productions and deliverables are the result of this clear communication. Furthermore, we completely understand the need and benefits of continuous process improvement.