Radar Engineering

WRSystems is proud to have personnel with years of Over the Horizon Radar (OTHR) experience in our midst. Many members of our team have been involved with this program since its inception and, additionally, many internationally recognized OTHR experts have joined us to continue to support the Navy’s OTHR Program Office with their mission-critical programmatic and engineering requirements.

Our Program Managers provide Programmatic and Logistics Support, including administrative assistance, security, O&M costing, inventory analysis, and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) expertise.

The OTHR Systems Analysts offer testing and evaluation and troubleshooting and repair, including diagnostics, operational evaluation, technical performance assessments and technical refreshment analysis, environmental limitations, IV&V, and design requirements analysis.

Engineers provide system design, requirements analysis, and component evaluations and configurations, using hardware and software.

Working with the Navy’s OTHR Program Office, our Program Managers, Systems Analysts, and Engineers contribute to the research and development process, looking for next generation OTHR concepts and ways to increase the accuracy, tracking, and coordinate registration multi-mode linking, as well as, signal processing, noise, interference, and clutter reduction.